How to add a Customer

How to add your customers to your trade network

Add your Customers

One of the first steps to building your trade network is to add your customers to the platform. These are businesses from whom you receive sales contracts and purchase orders. They are also the companies you invoice for your products and services.

Adding a customer to your network makes them available for users on your team to select in all the workflows involving these types of activities. You may add and manage them individually, or if you have a very large number of customers, contact your KLEAR Account Manager about bulk upload. 

To add an individual customer: 

  1. Click on the Customers tab

2. Click +Add New and fill out all required fields

Image of Create Customer form

3. Click Save.

Once a Customer is added, a user can: 

•Delete the customer by clicking the trash bin icon

•View organization details by clicking the eye icon