How to invite users to your workspace

Invite your team members to collaborate

Your ability to invite other people to your workspace depends on your role in KLEAR.

Who can use this feature? 

Owners and Admins

These roles are assigned by the person who invited you when your account is set up. If you have not been assigned Owner or Admin credentials and want the ability to add team members, please contact your Kountable account manager for help.

To add a team member who will be a user of the platform:

1. Click Settings to access Organization Settings. Next, click Team under Team and Security.

2. Click +Add New.

3. Enter the user's email address to look them up. *Please note: We suggest using the email address your team member uses at work. A single user can be associated with multiple organizations, in which case their already existing account will be added to your organization.

4. Input your team member’s full name. Select their position and job function from the drop down menus. Indicate whether or not they are a shareholder or a primary contact. Then, click Save

As soon as you save, an invitation will automatically be sent from KLEAR to the invitee's email address. For security purposes, invitations expire after 24 hours. As these sometimes land in people's spam folders, you may want to let the invitee know to expect the invitation through some other means that you know they will see.

You will know that the invitee has accepted your invitation when their Status on your list of "Team members - Users" changes from INACTIVE to ACTIVE. You may need to scroll to the right to see this column. Note that you also have the option to edit users' information or delete them by clicking on the pencil or the trash can buttons on the far right under "Action".

If an invitation expires before the invitee has a chance to respond, they can have it resent themselves from the Sign In screen at by clicking "Resend Verification?" or the person who initiated the invitation can do it by clicking on the blue paper airplane button on the far right of the user's name on the Team members - Users screen.

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